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The Atrebates Tribe in Britain


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This is a silver unit of Tincomarus (Tincommius) of the Atrebates in Britain, struck 25 -20 bc under Roman Occupation. The obverse has the Celticised head of a male facing. Unfortunately the trike is a bit off flan so this does not pick up well. The reverse is a bull to the left with head facing. Above is TIN, and a C below.


The Atrebates tribe in Gaul were split in allegiance after their part in the disastrous uprising against the Romans in Gaul. Their king, Commius, once in favour with the Romans was now persona non grata and he led an exodus of those still willing to follow him to England. His son and successor, Tincomarus, was apparently quite pro Rome and did well under their patronage. However he ended up in exile when his tribe rose against him.



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