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hello all

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hi to all users my name is john gant and ull have to forgive my spelling some times


im new to this site and not a member to anyother ether


ive colected coins for as long as i can remember and im 31 now ive not really bout meny coins as i like to colect as i find. some coins have been given to me and mostly i dont remember


mostly i have colected becose i like to look at them but about 6 mouth back somone asks me the value of my colection and i could not answer mostly becose i didnt even know what it was i had i love my colect in anuther way but had always intened to catalog my colection and never got around to it so i desided to start but find i carnt find some of my colection and needed some friendly help in finding out what some of my coins are and what some are worth


if theres any thing else i havent said ud like to know plz ask

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