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1930 Pacific American International Exposition

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So you never heard of the 1930 Pacific American International Exposition held in Portland, Oregon? That might be because it was planned but never held because the Depression intervened. A private party had medals struck from metal salvaged from the U.S.S. Battleship Oregon bearthed in Portland as a floating museum. The ship was recommissioned for World War II and then broken up for scrap after the war. Only her mast survives in a Portland park. The medal is cataloged as a so-called dollar, Hibler & Kappen 459. Bronze, 34mm.



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You own part of a battleship... so cool. I wonder what other famous ships have been cast into medals.


The Goverment of Palau has issued coins, for famous Battleships.


2008 $10 Yamato (Japan)

2008 $10 Missouri (USA)

2008 $10 Bismark (Germany)

2008 $10 HMS Prince of Wales (Great Britian)

2008 $10 Marat (USSR)


2010 $500 same as above

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As for exo/numismatic items made from ships...


HMS Victory - various bronze medals and medallets were made in 1906 or so for the centenary (Battle of Trafalgar, I think) They're quite readily available.


SS Beaver (early trading steamship of the Pacific Northwest) - various bronze medals and medallets, some incorporated into jewelry and accessories.

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I'd never heard of the 1930 Pacific American International Exposition in Oregon but it was before my time. :grin:


Neat medal and the info on other medals cast from salvage from famous ships is quite interesting. I'll bet there are quite a few more. I wonder if anyone specializes in such items.

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Yes, there are other "made from" or "cast from" pieces. I've never really kept my own list since I don't collect them as a topic, but they are always of interest. One friend, however, notes that one must be careful. When you buy a gold coin struck from gold salavaged from "...." that might mean a bit of salvaged gold was mixed with a vat of other gold. The lesson--struck from might not mean exactly what you think it means.

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