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Need some help please


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Ive got an old British coin, ive had it for a long time but coins isnt something that ive ever had an interest in. However i would like to know a little more about this coin, im in my early 20s so coins from 1888 isnt something that im going to know alot about, any info is good info, thanks in advance:




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If I'm not mismaken, it's a double florin, which is two tenths of a pound (48d predecimal, 20p decimal).


It features the (golden) jubilee portrait of Queen Victoria, which was used for several years after 1887.

In a lower grade, the collectible value is usually limited - and often for lower grade late Victorian coinage, the value of the silver is greater than the collectible value. Value is probably in the range of £12-15. (note: I haven't consulted a catalogue and assume that there is nothing particularly special about this piece)

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Thanks ccg, i knew it wasnt anything special ive just had it for a long time and never known what it was. I found this on the floor of a public toilet lol i just like the fact that its 124 years old and i found it in a toilet, someone once told me that it was a shilling, anyway thanks for your help :brazz:

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Quick check in the catalogue reminds me that the florin also used the same design. Value for a florin would be about half of the double florin.


Easiest way to tell them apart is weight - the florin would weigh about the same as two current 10p pieces, and the double florin - twice as much.

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