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Thomas Paine tokens

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Hiya all,


Can anyone tell me whether there are a lot of Thomas Paine tokens to collect and whether they are all highly priced like the hanging man token as I am thinking about collecting them. Any advice, how many there are and pictures would be greatly appreciated.


Many hanks,



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H i Lisa,


There are a lot of different hanging man token types/variants as well as some others, some just have Paine as one of a few names, all tend to be more expensive than the average conder because there is high demand for them, many being Spence's token increase their value too, & many are scarce to RRR.



These are just a few examples, so while I agree they are great political tokens to collect they can be relatively expensive. If you don't mind the cost go for it! Would love to see them posted if you do :yes:


EDIT; Here are some more,


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