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Coins I designed now available for purchase

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The coin I designed for the fantasy nation of Valemaa is now on sale at http://www.bluewatersmint.com. Blue Waters Mint is based in Cypress, Texas and is run by proprietor Bill Turner. Turner issues coins, currency and stamps for dozens of fantasy nations applying a unique variety of techniques and materials in his products.


Valemaa is described as a tiny remote island in the Baltic Sea, sadly suffering from longstanding economic distress. Even so, the traditional symbol of the spirit of the people there is ringing bells.


I created a two-dimensional design for the obverse of the Valemaa coin. The reverse is denominated at 1 Pfennig. My illustration was sent to die engraver Gary Carlisle in Oklahoma for a three-dimensional relief treatment, then on to Tom Maringer in Arkansas for minting on a screw press. The final product is a 14 millimeter .999 fine silver coin weighing 1/2 gram. The mintage of 500 pieces is equally split between two different finishes: brilliant white and a chemically treated suntanned version.


The price for a single coin is $6.99, and for examples of both finishes it is $13.50. The coins come in archival plastic coin protectors with descriptive labels and also includes a tri-fold brochure providing a detailed narrative about the fantasy nation of Valemaa. For purchase, please visit the webstore link below:




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