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Duc De Berri 1820.

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Obv: C. F. DUC DE BERRI NÉ LE 24 JANV. IN 1778, MORT ASSASSINÉ LE 14 FÉV. 1820 (Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry, born on the 24 January 1778, assassinated on 14 February 1820) - Uniformed bust of the Duke of Berry left; signed: CAQUÉ. (F).

Rev: NOUS QUI SOUFFRONS DE SA DOULEUR PLEURONS AVEC LA JEUNE VEUVE. (We who are suffering from her grief cry with the young widow)

The Duchess, supported by a column, holds her crown in the right and her left elbow is rested on the column, on which stands a drapeded urn. An inscription on the column below 8 stars; CAROLINE A MARQUÉ ICI SA PLACE (Caroline chose this place herself as their final resting place) Under the inscription, two Palms alongside Bourbon shield with the three lilies.

Exergue: ELLE PORTE DANS SON SEIN l ' ESPOIR DE LA FRANCE (She bears the hope of France in her womb) This refers to her pregnancy.


Bronze 38mm by Caque.

"Rests here, in this sacred haven in the middle of the orphans and the poor which he has always supported, the generous heart of Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry. His broken-hearted widow has provided their final resting place with his presence. 4. November 1820." He was buried at Saint-Denis, Île-de-France, France.


Dented & battered but so cheap I could not pass it up!

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