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Queen Victoria's Accession 1837, Silver Medal by W.Wyon

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BHM#1764 AR R; AE N. 35mm by William Wyon, published by Messrs Storr & Mortimer.


Obv: Bare head of Queen Victoria left, hair in chignon & held in place by fillet.

Rev: Inscription within open wreath. VICTORIA/BRITANNIARUM/REGINA/XX IVN:/MDCCCXXXVII(Victoria, Queen of the Britains 20 June 1837).


Eimer#1297 lists it as 36mm and noted for an example that he sold "this is a rarely seen medal in any metal, let alone silver" he also values it as VF 290 GBP & EF 475 GBP.


My example is 36mm 28grams, uncleaned with edge knocks, & surprisingly I purchased it over ebay for just 25 GBP!

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