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In Search of the Article: "'The Kangaroo Office': A Nineteenth Century 'Sting'"

Mark Fox

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Dear Board,


By chance, does anyone have access to this article?


Sharples, John (1988b). 'The Kangaroo Office': A Nineteenth Century 'Sting'. Numismatic Association of Australia Journal. 4, pp. 29-37.


I just called up the ANA Library today and was a bit disappointed (although not really surprised) to hear that they don't even carry this journal. I would like to read this article (or something as potentially helpful) so as to better understand the details behind the striking of W. J. Taylor's undated Melbourne Exhibition halfpenny tokens. Here are a couple of examples:





Note that their reverses borrow the reverse design from the draped bust Washington & Independence tokens. This is why I am researching these concoctions by Taylor for my Numismatist article on Washington & Independence cent tokens.


My thanks to the board for any help that can be provided along these lines of research!



Best regards,


Mark Fox


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