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Silver Tetradrachm- Alexander the Great


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Hello, I am thinking of selling my Ancient coin it's a Silver Tetradrachm- Alexander the Great made as jewelry with 22 carats of gold but I don't have enough information about it to know the price so here are the links for the photos please help me find out more about it and it's value your opinion would really matter! :





Regards, Ralph.





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Frankly, it's one of those items that usually has a really high retail value when first sold, but doesn't do nearly as well in the aftermarket - which is pretty standard for most jewelry since the markup is usually several x, and that's assuming that it isn't being passed through multiple hands before reaching the retail client.


The work on this piece is quite good - I'd probably try to get 1.5x - 2x of (full value for the tet + the value of the gold) - which IMO would be fair for both parties.

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These were originally made by Bulgari, then a number of other makers jumped in, many also using authentic coins and gold bezels. (I've also seen cheap base metal versions for the costume jewelry market)


The main question would be how much gold there is (which can be calculated roughly based on the total weight of the pendant), since that's probably more of a variable than the coin itself, which is a "known" item.


A *very rough estimate going only by the pictures* would be that it should be worth at least $500 as coin and scrap, and so one should try to get $700 minimum if selling.

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