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Susan B. good for MBTA

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That is why the SBA$ made one final curtain call in 1999. The machines that needed dollar coins needed them that year and the Sac wasn't in existance yet, so out of retirement came Susie.

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The article almost makes it seem that the machines are somehow going to filter out the Sacs in favour of SBAs, instead of simply dispensing a mixture of whatever is put in their change hoppers.


IMHO the Mint ought to be retiring the SBAs, although the lost seigniorage would probably make that financially prohibitive. So many people reject them that their presence seems to have a negative effect on acceptance of Sacs.


Of note, I've never seen a machine that dispensed paper $1 in change.

A number of chains in the U.S. (Albertson's/Acme supermarkets, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc) have installed self-checkout machines that dispense paper $1 bills. The notes are almost always new so I assume they have jamming problems with circulated paper. Again in my dreams I'd like to see all vending and checkout machines use dollar coins for amounts under $5 as a way of getting more of them into circulation.

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