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Do you recognise this man?

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This portrait comes from a medallion/brooch:




It is some form of early plastic but, if my suspicions are correct, too early for Bakelite.


I thought it might be Prince Albert but would appreciate a wider point of view as I feel he has a Nordic look to him.


As always your opinions are valued.



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From (distant) memory of my school boy days,and chemistry lab work in organic chemistry, I would think the material is almost definitely caseine based ( `bakelite' by a different name).



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The other side, which shows a broken clasp mounting partially embedded in the medallion. I'm sure this says something significant about the manufacturing process, but I'm not sure exactly what. Except perhaps that the mixture must have been semi liquid when the clasp section was inserted.

Weight 10 gr 44.5mm x 5.7mm

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