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Americans for George???


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There have been a few threads here lately about what would happen if we got rid of the $1 bill. Now me personally I completely agree that a coin would be preferred. But today while doing some 'surfing' I ran across this site. I guess there is a special interest group completely opposed to getting rid of the dollar. Read the dollar facts some are quite funny, most of the arguments they present this site has already debunked. Enjoy... I can't wait to read the comments on this one.






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Okay, Kimmel's joke was worth visiting the site. :)


However, I want to take particular exception to one remark on the site:


Coins represent currency's past' date=' not its future.[/quote']

Given the trend toward plastic-based transactions, you can say the exact same thing about paper currency.

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I loved reading through the list of the coalition members, my favorite being "Texas Aggieland Bookstores."


"Son, you best be taking your Sacagawea dollars and getting your behind out of College Station."

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