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I need Help with a 24k Gold Plated 925 Silver Bullion Coin.....


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I have a (What I think to be) German 24k gold-plated silver coin with the hall marking of a crescent moon 80 P (925/1000)


On the Front There is an image of a man lighting a match as his family watch on with the words 'Das Sicherheits-Zundholz' (which means 'The Safety Match') and on the rear its says 'die vierziger Jahre in den Jahren des 19. Jahrhunderts in Schweden entwickelt das ungiftige rote Phosphor enthält Zündholz in der Reibfläche und ist nur an diesem entzundet'

(which means roughly 'the forties during the years of the 19th Century, Sweden developed the non-toxic red phosphorus match into the friction surface and is only at this entzundet')


It is First Edition number 172


I have researched it for hours and hours and cannot find any information on it at all...... Can someone enlighten me? And of its value maybe?


For Pictures......





Many Thanks

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This piece is made by the Franklin Mint - as with most of their products, it has their "f" maker's mark, and also the year (19)80.


Generally speaking, the majority of Franklin Mint made medals (and other silver collectibles) trade at no premium today - they were mass produced and mass marketed at a time when collecting them was a fad.

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