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1723 Rosa Americana Penny Prototype

Saor Alba

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For some reason I have gotten interested in USA colonials once more, I collected them years ago - mostly when I was a teenager. I have owned a well worn twopence from 1723 that is not imaged yet. Recently I came across this prototype penny from 1723 in an auction, this example has 24 pellets in the centre of the rose as opposed to the usual 15:




The piece is a British VF for the issue. Most everybody will figure the legends on the obverse, but the legend on the reverse is American Rose - Useful and Sweet. As with all of William Wood's royal patent coinages they were made diminutively compared to British regal coinage and as such they were near universally unpopular in their destined circulation regions. Some of the American colonies refused them outright, others accepted them only in limited quantities and some like Massachusetts printed their own small denomination notes to compete with these coins.

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