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1980 Ethiopia S20B Year of the Child Piedfort KM-P1


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Hello, I'd like to share images of my 1980(EE1972) Ethiopia Silver 20 Birr Year of the Child Piedfort(KM-P1). The coin has been conserved by NCS and graded by NGC @ PF68 UC.... It was previously in an older NGC slab in the same grade but was riddled with horrible spotting and unsightly toning. I was assuming that when I resubmitted it through NCS, that it would downgrade, luckily it came back all cleaned up in the same grade!


Here's what I know about this enigmatic coin: There were only 39 total pieces Minted, and of those, a scant 16 (estimated) have survived and can presently be accounted for. The NGC Census report shows that a total of 5 coins have been graded, but I think I can clear some of that up.... There are 2 PF68's, but they are the same coin....Mine. As I've already stated, the coin I have now was previously holdered in an NGC PF68 slab.... and is now in a new PF68 slab with a new Cert. #, hence.... they are the same specimen. There is 1 coin graded in PF65 and 1 in 66.... But, according to the very nice Gentleman who presently owns this piece, the PF66, slabbed in an old NGC holder, was resubmitted back in 2007...it shot 3 points up and came back in a PF69, thus, the PF66 and PF69 are one in the same. So in actuallity, there are only 3 total specimens graded. I have discussed this with the fine folks at NGC and they have assured me that the Mintage figures will be properly adjusted soon (we'll see... -_- ).


I've had this piece for sometime now and have tried, in vain, to get as much info as I could find.... sadly, there is not much online... a Google or Yahoo search gives virtually no results. There is just not much out there. My hope is that someone here can add something else. If anyone has owned, or currently owns this marvelous and mysterious coin, I would love to hear your comments.



Thank You-

1980 Ethiopia Piedfort 1.jpg

1980 Ethiopia Piedfort 2.jpg

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Nice coin. I like the tradition of the piedforts. I vaguely remember the series, but that was 40 years ago. One of these days I'll come across my boxes with the journals from the 1970s and maybe I can add something from that point in time. In the meanwhile, nice coin.

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