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A rather nice 1772 para - 3 dengi coin


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The Moldavia coins are real stinkers to find nice examples of, unless you opt for recent "tributes" like I have found in coin bazaars in Ukraine. Actually I have never seen a real Moldavian coin in Ukraine, just lots of fakes.

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fakes are very nice color, i wish genuine coins can be same color in our collections :yes:

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Notice how the two pre-revolutionary characters "ѣ" (Cyrillic letter "Yat" -- the terminating one was a misspelling also on genuine coins, it should have been a hard sign = "ъ") are of different sizes on the last fake (image here on the left), whereas they are approximately equal in size on the genuine coins (cf. Brekke 16).


There is also a misspelling ("3" mirrored instead of "E") in the image on the right -- however, this was also misspelled on the genuine coins. Workers at the various mints were often practically illiterate at the time, so it comes as no surprise that mistakes of this nature sometimes occurred.

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