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Quarter Horse


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Ocala is having a fundraising project called Horse Fever. It's the 10th Anniversary of the original Horse Fever project here. The project consists of a group of molded "life-size" horses being sponsored by local businesses and individuals. The horses are then decorated by artists and displayed around the Ocala area for about six months. At the end of that time, coming up in March 2012, the horses are gathered together and auctioned. The funds raised at the auction go to the Marion Cultural Alliance and numerous local charities. This horse is named Quarter Horse - the reason being quite obvious when you see the pics.


The horse was originally decorated with genuine US quarters but SURPRISE! SURPRISE! they were popped off and stolen. They have since been replaced with plastic quarters which are also being stolen. I should mention that the horse is on display in the town square park which among other things is a gathering spot for the local homeless and Salvation Army shelter crowd. (Please understand that I am not saying these people took the quarters.)



Quarter Horse BW3 by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr



Quarter Horse BW2 by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr

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We did the same with rockfish in Richmond a while back. Nothing cool with coins though that I know of! Though that was back when the internet was a novelty and not a place for sharing pics.

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