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UK border restrictions


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Hi everyone,


Does anyone know about restrictions of importing/exporting coins from/to the UK??

I know some countries has restrictions to export coins(any items) if they are above a specific age. What about Great Britain? Couldn’t find any helpful info on "UK border restrictions" webpages.


Thanks in advance.



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Some coins that have been reported as "finds" in the Portable Antiquities Scheme will need to have export licenses granted before they can leave Great Britain. I have a 17th century Irish token that I purchased a few years ago and had to wait a couple of weeks to get the export license before it could be posted out of Great Britain. The token would otherwise be insignificant, but for the fact that it was found by a detectorist in rural Shropshire and was a bit of an unusual find given the place. The whole process is pretty straightforward and any seller of consequence in the UK knows the proceedure well and it doesn't involve too much time or funds.

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Thanks. As I see your 17th century token has been reported as "finds" in the Portable Antiquities Scheme, but if I have say 19th century french silver coin or USA silver medal also 19th century, which I purchased in UK auction and now want to posted out of Great Britain, do I also need to get their export licenses to sent them away ?

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Not likely. Export restrictions are more for original coin finds and significant historical pieces to Great Britain. Some 150 year old French coin from an auction house on Fleet St. won't fit the bill. But even a common Edward I penny from London is not going to cause a stir either.


I like my Irish token and the export license - though it caused a 2 week wait, I have documentation on where, when and how found that most coins don't have. Plus it makes me wonder how a Dublin token ended up in rural Shropshire.

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