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can't identify this hammered coin.


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Maybe with a bigger pic...


I've already tried that approach.


It is an intriguing coin, though, at least from the eBay picture.

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rather not do that.

oki, had a look at a french site (just checking french regionals) and found that the cross design was used in avignon, but can't find anything involving the single key, incidently it has a papal link, but i have only seen crossed keys.

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Looks like I found a very similar coin on a French metal detectors site: a French patard from Pope Clement VIII (1592-1605).

Here's the link: http://www.la-detection.com/dp/message-44096.htm


Here's the text of the message (scroll down): c'est bien un patard de Clement VIII 1592 et 1605

A/CLEMENT VIII.PONT.MA 2 clefs en sautoir (2 keys crossed)

R/S PETRVS.ET.PAVLVS.CAR croix dans 4 demi cercle (a cross in 4 half-circles)

PA 4367

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