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Help Identifiying Coin

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I have found a coin here at home, its got the statue of liberty on both sides , it has 22 stars on each side and has LIBERTY across the top, as im from the UK i dont know any thing about the coin and would like to find out more about it. It is kind of small too, just abit smaller than a 1 pence piece (british) Thanks.


Also it has 1920 at the side of the statue of liberty too.


I originally posted thon on yahoo answers and some one told me to come here and ask.


Here is a photo its not the best. 331ej51.jpg

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There's lots of them made over the years, and still continue to be made, so value is generally limited to that of the gold content, with perhaps a small premium. This varies due to the exact size and weight, but probably £5-7.

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