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Pricing of wildlife series 50 rouble coin


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there are only 4 boxes and no info on mintage:

Date of issue Catalogue number Nominal Name

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Mintage of the bimetal coins can be found here: http://www.cbr.ru/en...inal=0&Metall=0


Just change it to 1994.


good source


it is stated that 30000 coins were minted ... the same as in Krause

so, as of both sources - the same mintage for most of the bi-metalic red book (wildlife) series.


still no reason why this particular coin priced higher than others in the series.

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Wow I saw this link and remembered this post.



This is my coin actually and the second one I sold on ebay (another was sold for $68). And I am not counting others that I sold for 60 a piece via forums.

In Russia they are selling for $90-100 on local internet auction.


Asked in many different forums why is the coin so regarded. To tell long story short - huge bag of these gazelles was either lost or bought out by some "entrepreneur" and kept while the rest of the 1994 series were sold. So, most of the red book collections are incomplete.



So, I take it as a chance to add some other coins to my collection that will be regarded the same way :)


P.S. I've got these coins few days after I started the thread. One of the pawn shops had them, so spend some time to get them out of the boxes with coins.

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