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1939 vf ten shilling note solid 666 in numbers

The money man

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Thanks for the picture - in the original post there was no indication of where the note was from, since a number of countries in the Commonwealth had issued 10 shilling notes.


From the picture, the note likely grades fine at best, since it appears to be very well worn.


I have an older catalogue, which suggests that an Australian 1939 Sheenan / McFarlane 10/- note in fine retails for about $40. Current value may be higher or lower.

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The McDonald catalogue is technically "insurance values" - it's basically what it'd cost to find and replace an item if need be. I generally find it to be rather overly optimistic as many items, especially more modern ones, can be easily purchased for 60% or less.


The best answer for your question would be to ask some dealers in Australia what they would pay for the note.

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