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Cercle Commercial Maritime Assurer

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Here are two silver jetons issued for Le Cercle Commercial, one of France's many maritime assurers of the 19th Century


The first is dated 1829 and engraved by Caque.




The second is dated 1860 again by Caque, and bearing a similar obverse but with the difference that there is another ship in the right middle distance




The design used in the first (ie without the second ship) was also adopted by another Maritime Assurer `La Melusine' which I also have in my collection However it had a reclinig semi naked lady on the reverse. Hardly suitable for a family friendly site like coin peop's. ;)

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Great scene on those. The second with more toning gives a much more powerful look to the stormy seas. :bthumbsup:

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ahhhh...you mentioned toning! I therefore had to show the one I said I wouldn't.... :)




The obverse (which you shouldn't look at) , by Dubois, was commissioned for the inauguration of this maritime assurer (1838), but it used the reverse by Caque for some reason. Nice combination.....but the toning on the reverse gives life to the stormy seas (IMHO that is)

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That mermaid looks a lot like one that was on a banknote someone recently posted; I think the note was from the South Pacific.

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