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Die crack 2005 Bison


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Greetings everyone

Just bought this unusual Die Crack Bison

Thought you would enjoy seeing it.

I am very new with type of error and any feedback will help

Not my pictures



This is what the seller had to say about this coin

A long Die Crack can be seen below the D of the United entering the back end of the Bison's Rump. The marker for this Error

is the Cud in the lower portion of the E of the States




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This is neat! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one of these.

I bought a big bag of these from the mint when they originally came out. Didn't find anything that even came close.

I wonder if this has been attributed by any of the error guys yet?

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Which coin is this? I don't recognize it sadly :-/


2005 Westward Expansion Series Jefferson Nickels ---

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