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bicentennial of independence medal

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I found a bicentennial of independence medal today and was wondering if it may have any value. Let me describe it. On the front it says bicentennial of independence. Underneath there is a bell and on one side of the bell it has the number 1776 and on the other 1976. It says "Procliam Liberty Throughout all the land." Then there is a pic of a building with those pole things like at the white house. It says then "United states mint Philadelphia". At the bottom is a scroll with a feather pen. On the flip side it says at the top, "200th anniversary of united states". Then it has a whole lotta people standing around looking important and one sitting. At the bottom it says "First Coining Meeting 1776-1976" and that's all. The coin is a gold colour and I think that it may be bronze. If you know this medal can you please tell me if it is worth anything! Thank You

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Welcome to Coin People! Can you provide a picture? A picture is very helpful when trying to I.D. a medal or coin.

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It is one of a number of medals struck for the bicentennial. Nice examples in bronze run around $5.

US or Private Mint?
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