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Anyone have an idea on this??.....


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Hello there folks.


I have just joined this forum so please excuse this first post... but I was wondering if any of you could tell me what this coin is?



By what I can make out there appears to be the letters "His Halfe Penny" on one side, (which I have not been able to find anything on... Its almost like old English, but none of our coins have been minted with that spelling on.....as far as I can see) and then on the other side of the coin there appears to be the word "Randell" on the rim and a picture of a half moon...or boat?.. within a shield.



I have had no luck in finding out from anywhere and I hope someone more knowledgeable on here could shed some light on to it for me.

Thank you



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I thought I'd try my hand at google-fu and came up with a little bit of info. It's not my area of expertise, but it appears to be a 1668 halfpenny token; there's a picture of a higher-grade sample here.


Hope that helps a little before the experts chime in. And welcome!

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