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dollar 1882


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It looks legitimate, but with the polishing, it is really hard to tell without the coin in hand. The reverse die breaks should be a clue, but they are not in my 1976 edition of VAM. I don'y have a reference newer than that. It seems they should be cataloged at some point. The die breaks seem so obvious that maybe its a clue that it is a Chinese product.

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What about the minor details not being visible on this coin? Is it normal for leaves not to be connected to the stem on a coin struck with original dies of a US mint? See e.g. leaves next to 'U' & 'N' in UNITED. Also compare the letter D in this word on the coin above and on any Morgan Dollar 1882 O graded by PCGS or NGC. The lower line on D was strait in UNITED on 1882 O graded coins I found on the net, which is not the case on this coin.

Here is a link to a graded coin with good magnification for comparison:


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