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silver coin and silver token

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Hey there, I recently bought a few days ago a Egypt 1929 silver 20 piasters and a silver token from the wedding of the prince of wales and princess Diana 1981 I got them both for about 65$ I think it's a great price here are the photos, please leave your comment about the price and some info about the value of my purchase:








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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. Nice items. Value etc. is way outside my area of expertise so I'll pass that to others.

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Hi, 20 Piastres Silver KM 352 Value VF $70 EF $165 it's made of 0.8330 Silver and weighs 28g with a mintage of 50000 Unfortionately the coin you have has been Polished. Estimated value $25.00


1981 Charles & Diana KM 925a Silver Minatge 218000 made of Sterling silver and weighs 28.2759g Unfortionately made into Jewelry and has been polished and only worth it's Silver. Estimated Silver Value $25.00


Unfortionately i think $65 is a bit to much.


Before you buy anything post the pictures here and ask members for advice. i'm sure there is alot of experts on the forum that can help you.


Welcome to coin Poeple. :bhyper:

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