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Some tougher regular circulated Soviet coins


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I am hunting down the rest of the Soviet coins for my Soviet coin collection and they are becoming quite expensive.

[...images snipped...]

The 1970 5 kopek is a key date for the 5 kopek series. 1970 and 1976 20 kopek are semi keys - still not easy to find in any condition. They are most likely taken from broken down mint sets.

Those are very nice coins, gxseries. :bthumbsup: I like the toning on the 5 kopecks coin.


My Rylov/Sobolin catalog doesn't list any mintage figures for lots of coins such as these ... they stop at the year 1936 for 2, 3 and 5 kopecks. Is there a known reason for this? He does list relative rarity figures, and the prices in roubles given seem to correspond to that.

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for soviet period it is time to update the Rylov/Sobolin catalog to Fedorin

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