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Test Notes


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Test money or test notes are used mainly for use with currency handling equipment such as automatic teller machines for testing.

Test money looks the same as regular currency such as size, paper thickness, colouring, printing characteristics, and demonination, but has some form of non removable device to tell it apart.

Test notes is a niche market and therefore not greatly collected.....

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I have a set of Euro Specimen notes that were supposedly used in training bank employees for the currency conversion efforts when the Euro was first adopted in Italy. Is that the kind of note you're asking about?

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The variety of answers shows why more information on the context is needed.


What I had in mind were regular notes (usually of a specific prefix) that were released in a certain area to see how they circulated. (I supposed banks were told to keep an eye out for them)

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Well, testnotes are notes that were/are used for testing ATM's, note counting mashines etc

Dealers often sell notes they call test notes but are not. Some are training notes (such notes I saw in use for training purposes in banks of the Peoples Rep. of China)

Sometimes advertisement notes of the paper money printing companies are erroneously called testnotes. They show what type of security devices a certain printing firm is able to produce. Practically all companies printing banknotes print such advertisement notes. Previously it was easy to get them, but since they are sold on ebay, sometimes at exorbitant high prices, the printing firms do not easily distribute them any more.


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