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My Wish List - Morgans, wheats, walking halves


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Well here goes the wish list:



Any CC - XF or below (trying to limit at least $100 but may go higher for AU/MS coins that really appeal to me)

Any MS 60-64, years really don't matter. Toning is a plus! Purchased off of CU


Wheat Pennies BU or above. Red/toning is a plus.

1914 P

1917 (any mark)

1919 (any)

1925 (any)

1931 S

1909-1913 (any mark, any year)

I am looking to upgrade my 1909 VDB and 1909 P from VG to a higher grade.


Walking Halves

Any in AU or better. Not looking for a special date or grade, just a nice example piece.


Graded coins are always a plus. I tend to stick with just ANACS, NGC, and PCGS. Not looking to spend a whole lot but if a really great deal comes about I may make a consideration.

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I'd like to add a few things to the list.


Philippines Bronze one centavo's. I'd like to get a common date one like a 1903 or so in EF condition. Looking here at my '04 Redbook it lists for $2.50.


Philippines large size One Peso. Looking for any year with at least fine condition.


Philippines Fifty Centavos. '44S or '45S is fine. Condition I'd like to be at least EF but may consider lower grades.


Still need the coins listed in the first post. Thought I'd expand a little.

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Added some more.


I'm also looking for German, Austrian, and Prussian (you get the idea) coins from the 1800's and older. Will make exceptions for the very early years on grade but I'd like at least VF for 90% of them.


1899 is just as good as any.

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