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Denmark 1884 5Ore


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Hi, I'm not trying to advertise i am going by the rules. I wont trade with anyone intill i'm alowed to, Just trying to get a feel for the Forum.



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Nice, lower mintage coin! By Denmark grading, it looks like a 1+ or gVF.



Now thats interesting, I had no idea Denmark had a different grading system.

For those of us who are uninformed about such matters, KurtS could you be so kind as to explain the Danish method of grading. it might help me put a value on my Danish coins.....

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I'll try to explain it. I guess the Danish grading system is mostly useful if you would like to price them for Danish collectors.

"0" = UNC, "01" = EF, "1+" = VF (more like a gVF), "1" = F, 1+ = VG, 2 = G, 3 = poor. There are fewer increments than US grading, but half grades would be expressed by 1/1+ as I understand it.

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The Danish were using the rigsdaler up until the early 1870s after which they switched to the kroner. I have a couple silver Danish coins one an 1856 16 skilling rigsmont and another a 1910 10 ore.

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