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Some new coin pictures


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Added some new pictures of my russian coin collection.


Rouble 1809, 10 kopeks 1810, Poltina 1859,...



You had me going there for a second, I didn't realize you were putting the dates after the denominations so I went looking for the 1810 poltina to see if it was a type one.


I never did manage to get one in any kind of condition I'd want to exhibit. I settled for one in Fine.

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Assuming it's not a fake, it's the first 1810 type, the hard one. And priced fairly appropriately, at least for the market as I remember it from a few years back.


Comparing it to the picture in GM I think it's quite possibly a fake. The biggest red flag to me is that there is no crossbar on the Н in МОНЕТА, which shows prominently both in GM and my much more worn specimen. Other parts of the lettering look pretty close to good, some look subtly wrong. HOWEVER, I am NOT an authenticator and so you should take that for what it's worth.

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Some interesting coins in auction in my home country (11th february; see www.snynumis.fi):


Alexander I

161. Rouble 1801 СПБ/AI. Novodel, 19,32 g. Bit H645

Very rare 01 AR 5.000

162. Rouble 180. Novodel, 21,65 g. Bit H667

Very rare, reverse struck with a broken die 01 AR 5.000

163. Rouble 1808 СПБ/МК. Bit 72 1+ AR 400

164. Rouble 1808 СПБ/МК. Bit 72, unsign. planchet defects, cleaned 1+ AR 250

165. Rouble 1810 СПБ/ФГ. Bit 75 1-1+/1+ AR 300


Some pictures http://snynumis.squarespace.com/storage/hk381/381pages05_08.pdf

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Janeen, your collection is wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Its great to see how we all differ in our criteria for feeding this addiction.


I have had this one in my box for a few years, and this thread gives me a chance to put it up on omnicoin.

To quote RW Julian's excellent reference, under the listing for 1809-10 Poltina "This type is difficult to locate in any condition"

so heres one in "any" condition:


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He has a list early in his book of the ten types he considers toughest. I had uncirculated, sometimes prooflike uncirculated, examples, of 6 or 7 of them, and XF examples of the Russo-Polish. (See my avatar--a wings down Poltina!) But for that 1810 Poltina, I finally got one about like yours, squirrel.


That $325 purchase was back in 2001, before the market went completely nuts. I was in the room while the auction was happening and was asleep at the switch.


I had a shot at an AU one a couple years earlier, bid strongly (for that time), told the guy to call me back if I was outbid... and he didn't.

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