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Coins in Art

Eduardo Henriques

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Good Day


COINS IN ART History with coins and art

Coins that could be used in cool beer Or any game machine But to the delight of lovers of art This coins were ended in colourful murals Which depict the history of the world

it is my intention to present my work to Your An incredible work. Which I believe to be unique in all world


One of the world’s finest collections. Containing thousands of coins.

This magnificent coin collection covers the history of the most countries in this planet.

The handicraft consist in murals with a background oil painting and concluded in the shapes wished by the author with the gluing of thousands of coins from almost the entire world, values, colours and metals.

A true treasure. The history of the world in money (coins.)

The main theme is the sea, the Caravels, the discoveries and the fragment of the history from this planet.

The world, people, culture the value of each country. Recorded in coins.

The inimitable images are showed in the brilliant multi-coloured combination never before imagined.

Splendour and beauty. The new way of creating art in coins.

Three of these murals have been previously honoured with the accredited Guinness Book of Records.

Best Regards

Forgive my English


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