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Belgium 2€ Commemorative - 2006


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I ordered these when the coin was first issued. Got them from a very reliable seller in Italy - someone I've dealt with a number of times and especially on 2€ coins. They are directly from a bank issued roll that was purchased on the opening day of sales. This is what I've been told and I have no reason to doubt it but.... all of the 2006 Atominium coins are very very rough. It almost looks circulated.


I'll include the link to the large images on flickr if you can't tell much from the omnicoin images. Any thoughts?






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I had started to collect the 2€ Commemoratives when they were first issued. The literature at that time indicated that each country would issue a commemorative each year and that the coins would be issued for circulation and therefore should be readily available to collectors, etc. THEN reality set in and all those funny little places like the Vatican started to issue their "special" Euro sets with 2€ commems in them and the prices went skyhigh. So I stopped my collection. I've thought about restarting it but have too many other things going on.


Nice coin by the way.

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