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Belgium in the house

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Hi all,


I am Koen and i am from Belgium (so sorry when the english is not always as it should be, but i trie to do my best ;) ).

I started collecting US coins in the beginning of this year, so my collection is not verry big.

I have 48 coins in my collection so far.

I hope to exand the collection verry soon.


The coins i have so far:

Lincoln Memorial's:

1960 D small date

1960 D Large date


1968 S

1968 D

1974 P

1975 P

1976 P

1982 P Small date Brass

1985 P

1986 P (2 times)

1994 P

1995 P (2 times)

1995 D

2000 P

Lincoln Bicentennial's:

2009 P Presidency

Lincoln Wheat's:

1944 S

1944 D

1946 S

1953 S

1954 S

1958 D

Roosevelt Clad dime:

1967 P

1988 D

1995 D

2009 D

2011 P

Jefferson nickel

1957 D

1958 D

1959 D

1972 D

1974 P

1986 P

1994 D

Washington Clad

1987 P

1989 P

State Quarter

2002 P Louisiana

2007 D Wyoming

2008 D Oklahoma

2009 D District of Columbia

2009 P Guam

2011 D Gettysburg

America the Beautiful

2010 P Yosemite National park

Westward Journey

2010 p

Indian Head


Liberty Nickel


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:yahoo: Welcome to the forum, I would say that your collection is off to a great start, If you can achieve 25 posts here I am sure you can maybe trade some Belgium coins for some US coins, I for one would be interested.

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your posts, as for your english I wouls say it was pretty good. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. That's a great collection you've got going. I'm glad that you're enjoying it and that you've decided to come and be part of our community.


Your language -- don't worry about it at all. You're doing great.

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Welcome to the forum! You have the same Indian Head date that I do for the cupronickel cents (I collect by type). (At least I am pretty sure you meant to type 1862, not 1962). Lincolns ought to be pretty easy as long as you don't chase the doubled die or mistaken mint mark varieties, at least until you work your way back past 1940. Then you'll start to see some tougher dates. (Of course a lot depends on the condition of the coins!) Roosevelt dimes don't have _any_ tough dates but of course get more expensive before 1965 with them being silver. (2.5 grams, .900 fine--they were readily convertible to Latin Monetary Union specs so they should be familiar to you).

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Yes, its 1862.

At the moment i am collecting by type.

Its just a shame that it is not very easy to get us coins here in Belgium.

So far i had the luck some people helped me to start the collection, but from now it will all be ebay and trading i think.


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