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Peter III copper coinage type set - finally completed!!!


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I honestly never thought of the day I would even obtain one of Peter III copper coins because of the scarcity and price, much less obtaining the entire set!


Here are the pictures:








Peter III copper coinages were scarce for a good reason - Peter III only ruled Russia for about 6 months and due to a copper shortage, all copper coins were ordered to be overstruck to be twice of the face value, i.e. 5 kopek coin as 10 kopek, 2 kopek as 4 kopek and 1 kopek as 2 kopek.


This didn't last too long and in the next year, the coins were ordered to be re-overstruck over the next few years.


This is an example:




While Catherine II coins that were overstruck over Peter III coins are common, the same cannot be said for Peter III coins that were overstruck over Elizabeth I coins. As Peter III wasn't a popular Tsar, most of his coins if they did circulate were either overstruck or probably forgotten in people's pocket change, only to be discovered years later.

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BKB - I probably will have to rob a museum to find them! I would even be happy to find overstruck Catherine II examples of them - don't know when that can happen but you'll never know.


Thanks everyone. The coin edges for all of them are net edge. While the 4 kopek seems to be struck on a fresh planchet, the other two seems to be overstruck. Surprisingly the coins didn't cost a fortune - just very lucky with them.

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The overstriking of copper coins to double their value had already been planned under Elizabeth

(there are 1760 and 1761 patterns of the 10 kopek), the reason not being a shortage of copper but a shortage of money -

the need to finance the ongoing 7 years war.

When Elizabeth died in late 1761, her successor Peter III executed the project in 1762.




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