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tokens relating to CANADA about WELLINGTON


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You are hard with my poor english school. Je me démerde beaucoup mieux en français (normal I am french), mais voilà j’ai la passion des tokens d’origine anglaise ….. to have news about coins i am looking for in internet and my « bible » is a old book COINS AND TOKENS relating to CANADA, by P. N. BRETON,




look page 209 and you will seen this Canadian token with WELLINGTON … BRETON say that this token is not usual, but how ??? Is it a "pepite" or just a good token ?

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I would think that these should be listed in at least one catalogue of English tokens, with some indication of rarity. (Poor French translation follows)


Je pense peu etre il y a un livre ancien du jetons d'Angleterre avec le reseignments de la raritie des cette pieces.

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Canadian Colonial Tokens

8th Edition

Author: W.K. Cross

Editor: Jean Dale

Price: CDN $39.95 US $39.95 UK £26.95

Release Date: March 1, 2012



7th edition available on ebay, worth a bid.


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The one book I really want is The Wellington tokens relating to Canada by Eugene Gaspard Courteau.This was published around 100 years ago and must be out of copyright but I'm unable to find a reasonably priced copy or PDF.


According to the UBC library (who had a copy, not sure if they still do since "copies available" shows "0"), it's a 10 page pamplet published by the American Numismatic Society in 1915. I'll see if it's there on my next visit.

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