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Announcement: Server upgrade - site will be unavailable (Friday, Jan 27)


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The site will be moved to a new server in the next 24 hours. The move will be completed by Friday, 6pm EDT


CoinPeople forums will not be available for several hours during the move.


Hopefully the new server will have enough resources to handle our increasing traffic. Thanks for your patience. :art:

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The problem with intermittent problems is we won't really be sure for a couple of days. Thanks in advance though, if it turns out to be fixed.


(Another board that I am on had _severe_ problems with the reply panel taking forever (well over a minute) to load, sometimes it would load but not work. This happened after upgrading to this same version of the forum software. Unfortunately it didn't happen to everyone nor did it happen all the time, but it turned out that something called CloudFlare was the problem. Anyhow it took over a month to convince the admins there was even an issue. Anyhow, the reason I have related this tale of woe is that I wanted to thank you for your much quicker attention to this. It sounds like the fix was probably a lot more painful, too.)

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