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Resource allocation lockout

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This resource allocation lockout thing has been hitting a lot of folks here. I have been locked out every night since the change over. I think it's discouraging and will cost the site members - some potential good long-term contributors. What is necessary to remove this from the site and keep it gone? More bandwidth needed? Bigger server? Allocation for more online users? More storage?


Please let us know what is needed and how we may be able to help make that happen. Thanks.

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The resource allocation lockout thing has been affecting my sleep for a few days as well.


I'm working with the hosting company to find a permanent solution. Under normal operation with our user load we should not be hitting the resource limits.

They are looking into other possible causes of this problem. Your patience is greatly appreciated. I will post updates as soon as we make any progress.


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I hope it's easy to fix and not because of pic uploading. I'm at the point now where I would be willing to foot a (small) amount of money to be here.

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