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Jeton of the `Caisse de Comptes Courants'

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For me this is the Holy Grail of the Banque de France series of jetons.? This is the jeton de presence issued for the shareholders /directors of the `Caisse de Comptes Courants' on its inauguration 11th June 1796. As the parent of the Banque de France it always had a seniority but was ultimately subsumed by the larger sibling through time, the only thing retained being the obverse design (by Dumarest) of the jeton de presence which appeared on all the Banque de France jetons thereafter.


This example is darkly toned on he obverse and sports a significant cud due to a die crack at the left of the exergue (obverse) and which partially obscures the `P' in Paris



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Is that a staff of Aesclepius with the shaking hands and the cornucopia?


I think the staff is more likely to be the depiction of Hermes, the messenger of the gods and the deity associated with commerce.

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another banking jeton struck in 1791 for the inauguration of the `Caisse Patriotique'. An enterprise heavily involved with the financial disaster that was the assignat `paper money' system in revolutionary France. Obverse shows Mercury and Liberty together, a galley in the left field and a cornucopia in the right field, along with various items of commerce. 



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