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Russia 1912 500 Rubles Peter the Great Note


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I have this really beautiful example of the Russian 500 Ruble 1912 Peter the Great note. It's AU and could probably pass as CU in some circles. I'm wanting to sell it on ebay or whatever but I know very little about the note itself. Can anyone take a look and tell me what I need to know to sell it honestly and get a fair return for it.



Russia 500 Rubles 1912 Peter the Great - P14B



Russia 500 Rubles Peter the Great 1912 front by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr



Russia 500 Rubles Peter the Great 1912 back by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr



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For this note, the key is the signatures. It looks like it has a the Shipov signature - the one that looks like a squiggle at top right. That's a more common issue, like mine, but it should fit right in at about $20.00 range in that condition ... I would think. Right now there's a number of them on eBay, and you can see the going prices and conditions. This is a favorite note for a lot of people as it is super large, and is very ornate. I still stop and stare at this note whenever I see it.


Good luck!

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Back when I was a kid and gullible for buying stuff from mail order, you could buy these unc. for $1 - they were as common as dirt. They are sort of cool though, think of their being worth $350 in 1914 - the equivalent of approximately $25K now.

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Thanks to all for the help. I listed the note on ebay with a starting price of $4.99. Regular auction. So I'm hoping it goes to a home where it will be appreciated.

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