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What are these notes?

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Well today I was given my birthday presents from my grandparent's (even though it really is the 6th but I will be back in Toledo). Here are four of the notes I could not figure out what year or country they were from. If anyone here could give me some information that would be great! Photos are in order showing the front and then the back.










Please check the World Coin forum for a similar topic.

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Thailand 10 bahts,

Japan 100 yen,

Japanese occuption of Phillippines 50 centavos

Japan 5 yen


Hope that helped a bit.


My best guess is that they are at least twenty years old, Thailand 10 baht could be as old as 10 or so, the Japanese 100 yen would be at least 30-40, Phillipines 50 centavos (well you know that's an item from WWII) and Japan 5 yen... not too sure of it's age, my best guess is around 40 years too.


Hope that helped :ninja:

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I had a friend bring me back notes from his trip to Thailand and Japan, and the smallest current Japanese note is 1,000 yen, and I think the smallest Thai note might be 100 Baht. The Thai note might not be too old, since the same person is pictured on my notes (I think he is the king or some sort of leader).

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Yup you are right, that the smallest denomination of Japan is 1000 yen since 500 yen is a coin right now.


I am pretty sure Thailand's smallest denomination isn't 100 but 50, but I am not too sure if the paperbill 10 bahts is still surviving... appearently it likes to appear from time to time but there are 10 bahts bi-metal coins...

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From vacation leftovers, I most often seen the 10 baht bi-metallic, and the 100 baht note. The 20 baht is the next most common I see, so appears to be a regular circulating note. I think the 10 baht note is dissappearing, though.

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Since I live in Thailand, I'll provide some input. Smallest currently issued banknote is indeed the 20 baht. The 10 baht is no longer issued, but would still be accepted widely. The largest bill is 1000 baht. There are also 50 (no longer a polymer note), 100, and 500 denominations. The King (Rama IX) is portayed on all of those notes. There are also many commemorative issues that portray other current or past Royalty. My favorite is the large square 60 baht bill that was produced in 1988 for the King's 60th birthday.



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