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Okay, I am doing a little research, and would like to find a web-site or other on-line resource that will explain the whole minting process, step-by-step. Not so much the actual coining, but the steps to getting the dies created. I know there is a lot of technical jargon with master dies and hubs, etc., and this is what I want to figure out. At what stage in the process do "die variations" come into existence, etc. It is hard to explain what I am trying to figure out without knowing the processes and the proper lingo to describe this.

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General link on manufacture:




The PCGS Lingo Guide:




where you can look up things like 'galvanao' 'hub' 'die' etc


I can also recommend a book:




Which has a great section on how coins are made and tells how many, many errors and varieties are created dealing with various types of dies (working, etc), hubs and such. For the price, it is a great work on the minting process, errors and varieties. I don't think I could recommend this book more strongly if you want to know some details about varieties, errors and the minting process.


Although it has prices, it is not really a price guide but rather a great general work on the minting process and the errors and varieties that can result.


Look inside the book and you can get a glimpse of the information within:



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