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Dont drink and Snipe....


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come home from new years eve out with friends.... and I find this...




:ninja: snipe lowball, just for fun...


:bthumbsup: win auction!


:woot_jump: rare coin! better look it up in the books!


:oops: realize monogram is not correct .....


:black eye:



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Several years ago I had a few brews, was on the computer, and well, decided on the spur of the moment to go to Paris. So I bought the tickets. Next day I wondered how the heck did I do that, but I never questioned going. So we went and spent Thanksgiving 2000 in Paris. We stayed three blocks from the Louvre and we spent most of our days haunting it, in the evenings haunting the cafes and boulangeries, also pillaged a particular coin shop up in La Bourse. All in all a great trip, all because of a few brews. :bthumbsup:

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Snipping or sniping? :doh::lol: (Have you been drinking and posting?)


And if sniping, what caliber? For something like this .338 Lapua is probably overkill.




I think we both have in common that same "other" expensive hobby. But I like going after bowling pins with 230 gr Pb.


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