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On-line dealer mark-up


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I made a dumb purchase of a very old Russian coin a few years ago from a reputable, on-line dealer. What was dumb? Paying what I did. I think he knew i was disappointed in the purchase, but I did not ask for a refund. I had purchased a fine coin from him earlier.


So I came across his website today and he has a very comprehensive description of how he buys coins.


So I sent him a cheery note asking if he would buy this marvelous coin back. (I am sure he will not be pleased to hear from me.) Asking generally, what would folks think would be the best I could expect for a buy-back, as a percentage of what I paid, which was about $550?


Because of this, I do not like the coin.


Further, I have been out of the loop for a while and am not sure what prices are doing. This was purchased when things were pretty high, but I am not sure that things have gone down.


Happy New Year.

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It depends on the coin. Is it desirable, in good condition, or something hard to sell. I would expect between 50-70% based on the coin. If it was a bullion issue then it should be more like 90%.

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