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2005 chinese 100 dollars paper money with good number

silver coin

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Perhaps it is the serial numbers individual size - ascending and then descinding in physical font size, that gives it a "mane" thus the "lion" number is created?


In the US there is no such thing, at least not in common parlance. There may be some experts in numbering systems who have their own definitions, but they would be out of the norm.


I believe that the affinity for numbers in this regard is primarily in Asia. The association of certain numbers is growing here, a result of the interconnectedness of population and cultures, and we do have issues of 'Lucky Numbers' being sold at higher premiums by the US BEP and by dealers on the Internet. It is interesting to know that in Hong Kong they associate it with an animal. Here, the practice of giving styles of numbers names other than from a technical perspective (ascending, etc.) is not typical. Given our culture, I think that if we were to do so, it would not be associated with animals, as we tend to think of numbers as a cold, technical, and unpersonal. If we were to name a number string based on it's size and shape, one like you showed would likely be called somethign like 'Wave', 'Speedbump' or something similar.


Are there other names for serial numbers in Hong Kong? If so, what are they?

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