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Another music one

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Well i've been meaning to dispose of this coin for a while. Being that it's a commem and worse still it's one from Gibraltar... you know the kind marketed and sold to collectors (it's even in a First Day Cover). On the other side is the portrait of QEII (but i'm sure you all know what she looks like by now), so here's the reverse;





Anyhow a competition should get rid of it for me. Having just done the music thing in one thread, i thought, well why not?


Can you answer the following? (I’ll try not to change my mind on what the answers are half way through… promise!)



1) What is my favourite song from the 1970s?

(Clue – a hint of classic)


2) Favourite song from the 1980s?

(Clue – Came out twice in the decade, single version and then live version)


3) Favourite rock song from the early 1990s?

(Clue – The band was more associated with the 80s)


4) What’s that song that takes me back to 1992?

(Clue – A big hit on the European dance floors in that year)


5) Favourite 1990s band and song?

(No clues for this one, sorry)


6) Favourite 00’s ‘group’?

(Clue – Roger Sanchez tried to sound like them)




I've tried to vary the answers a bit across genres, being eclectic as i am. Now lets see if i can't embarass myself completely. :ninja:

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I don't mind the coin myself but it's surplus to requirements and thus it's getting the boot. I know Elverno only collects coins from the 1789-1815 period as a rule but a freebie portraying one of Napoleon's contemporaries (even if the coin is from 1995) has got to stir some interest. :ninja:

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No to all of those.


I do like Nirvana though. And i love living on a prayer by Bon Jovi.


Ha Right Said Fred... there's someone i haven't heard of in a while. I kinda liked Deeply Dippy but i didn't like I'm too Sexy.


One clue, rock is not the way to go on this one, unless stated.

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More specific clues for the first four;



1) What is my favourite song from the 1970s?


They arose from the ashes of an English 1960s band, it wasn't long before one member left to form his own band, which seems to be only remembered for a Christmas song. The band that is the answer to this question though went on throughout the 1970s formulating their own sound and they had a hit in 1979/80 with a singer/actress for her 1980 film. They split in the mid 1980s. The song is from 1975.



2) Favourite song from the 1980s?


This band was one of those bands that was synonoymous with the 1980s but rarely got any credit for it indeed in the UK as far as i can recall they never had a number 1 hit. The closest they came was with a number 4 in 1984. They were around throughout most of the 1980s and were endemic to it. The song was originally released in 1983 and after a 'tour' of the US in 1988 it was re-released as a live version in '89.



3) Favourite rock song from the early 1990s?


This is US band that was one of the earlier bands of the heavier rock scence and another one not to get that much credit. They formed in 1983 and were originally known under a different name but by 1987 they had changed their name to the one that is the answer here. The lead singer during the early part of the 00's was battling with a rare form of cancer.



4) What’s that song that takes me back to 1992?


I don't think the 1992 song was released in the US, but they became famous worldwide (and in the US) with an earlier song they released in 1990, which is also briefly featured in the Jim Carey film Bruce Almighty.

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Just to clarify a slight change in the rules to make it fairer. There are now two prizes available. One prize for the person with the most right answers and one prize for the first to be able to present the full list of correct answer (the coin above is for this). This stops the rather unfair scene of say Jose getting 5 right but one wrong and someone pipping him to the post and using all his hard work.


So i'm glad to announce that;


1) ELO - Evil woman


4) Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer


are both correct!




The others are wrong i'm afraid. Keep trying. ;)


(But you're in the lead for a prize)



ELO must be my favourite band of the 1970s, the hint, classic feel was because they used described themselves as 'a rock band with classical instruments'. Violins regularly turn up and i like violins, as Evil Woman.


Originally formed from the 1960s group, 'The Move' who's most famous hit was probably 'Blackberry Way'. Roy Wood was originally in the line up but during the early 1970s he left to form the group Wizzard, and they hd the Christmas hit, 'i wish it could be Christmas' which was released in c.1973 and has been played every year on the UK radio networks at Christmas time ever since (along with Slade's "Merry Christmas Everybody").


Of course the 1979/80 hit was a collaboration with Oliva Newton John and was for the film Xanadu (how did Sir Sisu miss this?) ;)



Of Snap, of course everyone knows them for the song that goes alot like; "I've got the power", t'was never one of my favourites it has to be said. As for 'Rhythm is a dancer' that song was far better and was the epitome of the cheesy dance culture of the early 1990s. Ibiza eat your heart out! :ninja: A pure classic.

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Keen to get No 2 aren't you Sisu? :ninja:


Another clue for you here, one member on this forum should know what it is as they have some of the song's lyrics in their signature.

Nothing about Abish's signature huh?

Night Swimming?

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2 - Everything Counts

3 - Pantera


5- Radiohead "Street Spirit"

6 - Chemical Brothers



2 is correct. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts, (also in Dock's sigline)!


For number 5 Radiohead (whilst wrong) was around at the same time as this other group, which could be classed as Indie i'm told, although they are a celebrated band from England. So that must narrow it down to two. But what's the song?



Clue for number 3 the band sounds Biblical, and the song is something you might put on your head if you were royal.

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