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from wales

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Welcome to CoinPeople. We have a number of metal detector folks here who regularly post their finds. Some very interesting items.

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You can find some truly amazing things that way... I understand someone actually found a 1792 half disme once. (That's the coin reputed to have been made from George Washington's personal silver.)


The National Geographic metal detector (the one made for kids' use, not a serious metal detector) used to come in a box that showed pictures of a bunch of modern Canadian coinage... and mid 19th century Russian platinum coinage. Not a likely find anywhere in North America to say the least! I used to own some of that coinage, and when I saw the box in the store, my eye scanned over it, not thinking anything of it, until I doubletaked on the realization that a perfectly common sight--for me--like pictures of Russian platinum coins, made no real sense where I was seeing it! My subconscious was saying "what on earth is this doing here?"

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Please do share what you have found. I've never had much luck at metal detecting so it'd be good to see what you've unearthed. :yes:

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